How Controlling Your Expenses Is Easier Than Ever

With the proliferation of innovative tools and technologies, managing your finances efficiently is no longer a daunting task. The article explores how controlling your expenses is easier than ever before.

Easy Control Expense Management - WegoPro

WegoPro is full of features that help manage and control expenses for companies of all sizes. Whether you want to set policy rules to improve compliance or are looking to fine-tune your approval process, there are plenty of ways to customize your workflow just the way you'd like.

We want to share some of the changes that we've introduced recently to help you manage your process better: from expense policy to approval workflows and even some intelligent features like automated duplicate detection. Let's dive in -

🚦 Expense Policy

Expense policy allows you to set up rules and spending limits for your expense categories. You can easily set spending limits, max expense age, mandate receipt, or purpose fields for different types of expenses. We even flag any violations in real time to automate your compliance process completely. Learn more

‼️ Duplicate Detection

One of the common problems is not knowing if a particular expense has been claimed or not. Manually auditing every expense is time-consuming and still prone to human error. So to help, we now do all the heavy lifting. We automatically detect and flag any potential duplicate expenses to avoid mistakes and reduce expense fraud. Learn more

✅ Approval Workflows

Requiring approval for every expense report can be a bit inefficient and increase your reimbursement cycle time. Perhaps you only need approval for out-of-policy reports? You can now set up a customized approval process that allows you to define who can submit expense reports with or without approval and when the approval is needed. Learn more

👩🏽‍💻 2-Step Approvals

We understand that sometimes just requiring the manager's approval is not enough. Finance or accounting may want the power to return an already approved report to mitigate any errors or mistakes. That's why we've introduced an option to enable a two-step review process. Learn more

We've made controlling and managing your expenses easier than ever. If you need any advice, you can always reach out to us at And, if you have ideas that will help you further streamline your workflow, we'd love to hear from you as well. We're always open to any suggestions you've got, and we'll continue to improve and make the WegoPro experience better for everyone.

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