Introducing WegoPro Insights: Say Hello to Trip Approvals!

WegoPro is thrilled to introduce the latest feature designed to streamline your travel management experience. Say hello to Trip Approvals - a powerful addition to our suite of tools that empowers you to manage and approve travel requests with ease and efficiency.

Product Update Trip Approvals - WegoPro

We're super excited to announce our brand new feature: Trip Approvals. ✨

We've designed Trip Approvals to give you full flexibility and control over your approval process. Unlike many other business travel solutions that are stringent with their level of control, WegoPro allows you to customize your approval process to suit your requirements.

With Trip Approvals, you can define who within your company can book travels with or without approval, and when the approval is needed. Here are some of the highlights:

Simple Setup

Setting up is super simple. Select a default approval setting for all your employees and you're ready to go. You can choose from 3 different levels of control: Lightweight (no approval needed), Moderate (approval required for out-of-policy trips), and Strict (approval required for all trips).

Customized Workflows

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Having the same approval process for everyone in the company doesn't work all the time—that's why we have ‘exceptions’. With exceptions, you can customize the approval process for different members of your company. Let's say, you want everyone in your company to seek approval, except for a few executives or travel managers—you can easily do that with exceptions.

Easy Submission

Submitting trips for approval is super easy with WegoPro. Just select your flight and hotel as you normally would. If your booking requires approval, you will see a request approval option after you complete the payment information. Select your department and approver, and click submit. Your reservation is automatically confirmed once it's approved–no more back and forth needed. ‌

One-Click Approval

Approving trip requests is super easy with WegoPro too. Approvers receive an email notification when a trip is submitted to them, they can then review all the details and approve the request in a single click. That's it—the booking is automatically confirmed, and both parties are notified.

And Much More

  • Works for all bookings: Trip Approvals work for all types of flights (full-service or low-cost carriers) and hotel bookings.
  • Honest pricing: We offer complete transparency. If the price changes at the time of approval, the approver can see any changes in price since submission before approval.
  • Email reminders: Approvers get email notifications and reminders for any pending trip requests.

If you're ready to set up the approval process—refer to our trip approvals setup guide or get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Stay tuned to WegoPro for the latest updates and news on the travel industry!