Introducing WegoPro Insights: In-App Travel Booking

Say hello to WegoPro Insights' latest feature: In-App Travel Booking. We're thrilled to unveil this powerful addition to our platform, designed to streamline the booking process and empower corporate travelers like never before.

WegoPro Insights In-App Travel Booking - WegoPro

We're constantly upgrading and adding new features to prepare for a new era of business travel. In recent months we've added many features to help companies relaunch their travel program safely and successfully.

Today, we're bringing all of that to our mobile apps. You can now book your flights or hotels right in the app.

No more waiting until you're back at your desk to book your trip. You can even request approval, share your itinerary, or review travel restrictions right inside the app.

Just update your app and look for the ‘New trip’ button in the Travel tab. Available on iOS and Android.

We're always open to any ideas or suggestions. If you have any feedback, just let us know by writing to us at :)

Stay tuned to WegoPro for the latest updates and news on the travel industry!