15 Features You Should Look for Choosing A Travel Management System

Explore the features of a travel management system before choosing one that revolutionizes the travel experience, making it seamless, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of the business.

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Embarking on a business journey is a meticulous task, a chessboard of logistics where every move impacts the overall game. At the heart of this strategic play is the travel management system – a silent architect orchestrating seamless travel experiences.

Much like selecting the perfect instrument for a symphony, choosing the right travel management system is instrumental in creating a harmonious and productive travel experience.

Join us on a journey through the intricate landscape of corporate travel as we unveil a myriad of indispensable features that set apart an ordinary travel management system from an extraordinary one.

These features aren't just components; they are the compass guiding businesses through the challenges of modern travel, transforming a mere system into a catalyst for seamless, cost-effective, and efficient corporate journeys.

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Customizable Travel Policies

A cornerstone of an effective travel management system is its ability to offer meticulously tailored travel policies. These aren't mere bureaucratic documents but are seamlessly integrated into the booking app, ensuring alignment with organizational requirements.

Whether creating special policies for specific traveler categories or implementing global policies for nightly hotel rates, flight costs, or train expenses, the system's versatility should accommodate diverse criteria. The real strength lies in the ability to preset these policies, ensuring they actively guide every trip booking.

Customizable Approval Workflows

Consider the scenario where a trip deviates from established policies. A robust travel management system incorporates approval workflows within the platform, allowing users to seek approval directly. This not only preserves trip details but eliminates the need for external communication.

The system's flexibility extends to customizable workflows, enabling users to define different approvers for various teams and set the level of strictness. Whether mandating approval for all trips, those outside policy boundaries, or specific traveler bookings, the system offers nuanced customization to meet diverse business needs.

Extensive Inventory

While policy and approval workflows are critical, access to a comprehensive inventory is equally vital for ensuring travel compliance. A robust system should not only offer a diverse range of accommodations and flight carriers but also include budget-friendly options. Given that millennials often opt for economical choices, the inclusion of these options becomes a strategic move, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses.

Free Customer Support

In the realm of customer support, a progressive travel management system eschews the outdated model of charging per support call. Instead, it incorporates support at no additional cost, ensuring transparency in expenses and immediate assistance for travelers. This not only removes the concern of unexpected support-related charges but also provides a seamless support experience without financial constraints.

No Redirects

Often overlooked but critical, the avoidance of redirects in the booking process is paramount. For both leisure and business travelers, redirects not only cause inconvenience but also raise trust issues. In the context of business travel, they complicate expense tracking. A reliable travel management system minimizes redirects, prioritizing a seamless booking experience and facilitating efficient expense management.

Travel Spend Reporting

A cornerstone feature of any travel management system is its ability to generate insightful reports on business travel expenditures. The system should enable tracking travel spend by various parameters, including time, department, project, client, or event. The capability to label and tag trips adds granularity to the reporting process, facilitating in-depth analysis and strategic decision-making.

Consolidated Invoicing

Navigate the complexities of accounting with the simplicity of consolidated invoicing. Tracking business travel becomes exponentially easier when bookings are consolidated within a single vendor invoice. Opting for a system that acts as a unified vendor streamlines the monthly reconciliation process, earning the appreciation of the finance team for its simplicity and efficiency.

Trips Status Review At One Go

Gain a bird's-eye view of multiple trips simultaneously and streamline decision-making. Efficiency in managing multiple trips is achieved through a centralized platform that offers a comprehensive overview. Travel managers should effortlessly access information on booked trips, approval statuses, in-progress itineraries, and incomplete bookings. This feature ensures proactive management, providing instant insights into which travelers may need additional support or clarification.

Convenient Transportation Methods

Discover the flexibility in transportation options that cater to diverse travel needs. A travel management system isn't limited to flights and hotels; it should encompass various transportation modes, including trains. Adapting to the specific travel needs of the company, the system should consolidate all modes of transportation, facilitating easy management and tracking.

Expense Tool Integration

Uncover the transformative power of seamless integration with expense tools. Seamless integration with the expense system is a non-negotiable feature. The travel management system should either have an existing integration or offer the capability for external API integration, allowing smooth collaboration between the two systems and simplifying the reimbursement process.

Saving In-Progress Bookings and Collaborating

Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic travel planning with the ability to save in-progress bookings and collaborate in real-time. Collaborative booking is a feature that goes beyond approval workflows. The ability to save and collaborate on in-progress bookings adds a layer of flexibility. Whether finalizing a CEO's selected itinerary or allowing travelers to pick options before completion, collaborative booking accommodates various scenarios, enhancing the booking process.

Easy Booking, Including Self-Booking for Travelers

Step into the realm of user-friendly booking interfaces and self-booking options for travelers. Even if travelers aren't responsible for their bookings, a user-friendly booking experience is paramount. For those considering self-booking, the system should be not only functional but enjoyable. A positive user experience contributes to compliance, ensuring a smooth process for both travel managers and employees.

Easy to See What’s In and Out of Policy When Searching

Navigate the complexities of corporate travel policies with a feature that indicates what's in and out of policy during the search process. Clarity in policy adherence is crucial to prevent travelers from inadvertently choosing non-compliant options. The system should make it easy for users to identify whether a hotel, plane, or train is within policy before initiating the booking process, minimizing errors and promoting adherence.

Mobile App for Travelers on the Go

Experience the convenience of a mobile app designed for travelers on the move. In the modern era, the existence and usability of a mobile app are crucial. A user-friendly, efficient app enhances the traveler's experience, providing access to essential information and support anytime, anywhere. Before implementation, testing the app firsthand ensures its compatibility with the team's needs.

No Long-Term Contracts

Unleash the power of flexibility with a travel management system that doesn't tie businesses down with long-term contracts. Flexibility in choosing and switching travel management systems is essential. The absence of long-term contracts allows businesses to evaluate and adopt a system without the fear of being locked in. This modern approach emphasizes trying and choosing what suits the organization's needs best.

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