Elevate Your Financial Workflow: The Power of WegoPro Integrated With Xero

Discover the seamless integration between WegoPro and Xero, revolutionizing your financial processes. Explore how this powerful combination enhances expense management, streamlines accounting tasks, and maximizes efficiency for your business.

WegoPro Integrates Xero - WegoPro

When it comes to accounting automation, data accuracy is and always has been of utmost importance. That's why we built a direct integration with Xero – to automate and streamline your accounting and finance workflows.

Our integration with Xero gives you a seamless and straightforward way to synchronize your expense data. You can avoid manual bookkeeping entries and tedious data hauling from one system to another. All your data gets synchronized instantly and accurately, saving you hours of unnecessary busy work.

Here are a few things that you can achieve with this integration:

🗂 Categorise Your Expenses Accurately

Auto-import your chart of accounts from Xero as WegoPro expense categories so that all your expenses are always categorized correctly.

✅ Auto-sync Your Approved Reports

Export your expense reports automatically as soon as they are approved, allowing you to automate and process the reports faster. You can also customize how the data (report status, report date) should appear in Xero.

🏷 Track Additional Dimensions

Map your tracking categories in Xero as Groups or Cost centers, allowing you to track and export additional dimensions along with your expense reports.

📤 1-Click Export for Old Reports

In addition to this, you can also manually export any of your old expense reports in just a single click.

☁️ Stay Up-to-Date With Real-Time Sync

All your data is automatically synchronized so that you always have an accurate picture of your expenses in Xero.

If you wish to get started – it's super easy, just go to your Company Settings, and under Integrations, you can enable the connection in a few clicks. You can learn more about the integration and all the configuration options and settings on our Xero integration help page.

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