WegoPro: Transforming Corporate Travel Management in MENA

The significant initiative follows Wego's acquisition of Travelstop in September 2023, and the launch of WegoPro (rebranded Travelstop) on January 24, 2024, is poised to redefine the dynamics of corporate travel and expense management in the region.

WegoPro Launch

In a strategic maneuver aimed at reshaping the corporate travel landscape in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Wego, the preeminent online travel marketplace in MENA, has announced the rebranding of Travelstop as WegoPro.

This significant initiative follows Wego's acquisition of Travelstop in September 2023, and the launch of WegoPro (rebranded Travelstop) on January 24, 2024, is poised to redefine the dynamics of corporate travel and expense management in the region.

Key Rebranding Highlights

WegoPro (formerly Travelstop) is set to be formally introduced in seven key markets, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt. This rebranding endeavor is strategically positioned to leverage the substantial growth witnessed in the MENA business travel sector, which contributed 2.5 percent to the global business travel expenditure, totaling USD 933 billion in 2022.

Strategic Vision and Integration

The decision to rebrand Travelstop as WegoPro is underpinned by the shared vision of both entities to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for business travel. WegoPro harnesses Wego's profound expertise in travel technology to revolutionize the approach organizations take toward managing their travel and expenses in the MENA region.

Distinctive Offerings of WegoPro

WegoPro introduces a suite of distinctive features meticulously crafted to elevate user experience and streamline corporate travel management. The platform boasts a comprehensive flight and hotel inventory, an intuitive approval process, and adherence to stringent company standards, facilitating seamless travel bookings.

Furthermore, it integrates advanced expense management tools, optimizing the process of expense reporting and reimbursement for both employees and finance teams.

Robust Reporting Tools and Insights

WegoPro is fortified with robust reporting tools and comprehensive insights designed to empower businesses to streamline their travel expenditure. The platform's user-centric and bespoke interface ensures a seamless and intuitive experience for both passengers and administrators alike.

CEO Speaks

Ross Veitch, CEO of Wego, articulates, “We firmly believe that businesses in the MENA markets merit a more sophisticated and contemporary approach to travel management. WegoPro amalgamates our global expertise with localized features, catering to the distinctive needs of this dynamic region. This marks a pivotal stride in our commitment to transforming corporate travel and enabling organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of corporate mobility.”

Prashant Kirtane, CEO of WegoPro, underscores the commitment to providing businesses with a cutting-edge platform that streamlines every facet of corporate travel and expense management. He adds, “Our dedication lies in assisting organizations in achieving heightened efficiency, control, and flexibility in their business travel operations within the MENA region.”

WegoPro Launch

Market Growth and Prospects

The business travel sector is on the brink of substantial growth, evidenced by global business travel expenditure reaching USD 933 billion in 2022, equivalent to 65 percent of pre-pandemic spending.

The MENA region has played a pivotal role in this trajectory, contributing USD 23 billion, approximately 2.5 percent of the total expenditure within the sector. Forecasts indicate a return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024, presenting promising prospects for WegoPro.

Client Base

Several rapidly expanding enterprises in Asia have already embraced Travelstop to streamline their business travel and expense management processes. Following Wego's strategic acquisition of Travelstop, the platform has undergone significant enhancements meticulously crafted to address the distinct requirements of businesses in the MENA region.

WegoPro is delighted to unveil a comprehensively localized iteration of its business travel platform, strategically introduced across seven pivotal MENA markets. This initiative is designed to ensure that business travelers enjoy a familiar and region-specific experience, thereby elevating their efficiency and convenience.

Way Forward

With the rebranding of Travelstop as WegoPro, Wego positions itself at the forefront of transforming business travel in the MENA region. The platform's modern and efficient features are tailored to meet the discerning needs of businesses, offering heightened efficiency, control, and flexibility.

As the industry anticipates a return to pre-pandemic levels, WegoPro stands poised to empower organizations with a sophisticated approach to corporate travel management.

Stay tuned to WegoPro for the latest updates on travel and expense management!