Wego Unveils WegoPro; Empowering Corporate Travel - In Images

Immerse yourself in the highlights of an exclusive launch event that promises to reshape the landscape of business travel. Discover the essence of WegoPro's unveiling with our visually compelling gallery.

Wego Unveils WegoPro; Empowering Corporate Travel - In Images

In a strategic move poised to redefine the corporate travel sector across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Wego, the leading online travel marketplace in MENA, officially revealed the rebranding of Travelstop as WegoPro on January 24, 2024.

This initiative marks a significant step in Wego's commitment to shaping the future of business travel within the region.

Let us catch some moments of the events.

WegoPro Launch Event-Wego Kits - WegoPro

Excited to see what’s inside?

WegoPro Launch Event-Corporates Coffee Table - WegoPro

When corporates prefer coffee tables for trip discussion

WegoPro Launch Event-Corporate Travel Technicalities - WegoPro

Yes, I understand the technicalities associated with corporate traveling

WegoPro Launch Event-Corporate Hush Trip Plans - WegoPro

Let’s plan some hush trips soon, as Wego launches WegoPro!

WegoPro Launch Event-Disrupting Travel Industry MENA - WegoPro

So you’re saying WegoPro and Wego together will disrupt the travel industry in MENA and APAC regions?

WegoPro Launch Event-Serving Desserts - WegoPro

Delicious! Serving The Desserts

WegoPro Launch Event-WegoPro CEO Interacts - WegoPro

A candid interaction with the WegoPro CEO, before the launch event

WegoPro Launch Event-Stage Set - WegoPro

The stage is all set!

WegoPro Launch Event-Happy Leadership Faces - WegoPro

The smile says it all

WegoPro Launch Event-Co-Founders - WegoPro

The one with WegoPro (Formerly Travelstop) Co-Founders

WegoPro Launch Event-CEOs Discussions - WegoPro

When the two CEOs discuss something very important just before entering the dais

WegoPro Launch Event-WegoPro Unveiling - WegoPro

So, Ladies & Gentlemen, we present you WegoPro, the newest addition to our Wego Group

WegoPro Launch Event-Media Zooming In - WegoPro

Let me Zoom In

WegoPro Launch Event-SaaS Platform Managing Travel Expenses - WegoPro

And here, we see how corporates are going to manage their travel expenses with WegoPro!

WegoPro Launch Event-Counting SaaS Platform Benefits - WegoPro

Count the benefits; This is why Wego & WegoPro are the best in the industry

WegoPro Launch Event-In-depth Features - WegoPro

When the WegoPro CEO explains the features in-depth

WegoPro Launch Event-Endless Features - WegoPro

Endless features

WegoPro Launch Event-Media Clicking Pics - WegoPro

Oh! This seems interesting, let me click this part

WegoPro Launch Event-Proud Wego CEO - WegoPro

The proud feeling with the confident smile

WegoPro Launch Event-QnA - WegoPro

So, do you have any questions?

WegoPro Launch Event-Interesting QnA - WegoPro

This is an interesting query

WegoPro Launch Event-Media Applausing - WegoPro

A round of applause for the awesome platform

WegoPro Launch Event-1:1 Media Interaction - WegoPro

The 1:1 interaction with media

WegoPro Launch Event-Wego Group Team - WegoPro

The one with the team

WegoPro Launch Event-Event Wrap - WegoPro

And we close the deal!

Stay tuned to WegoPro for the latest updates on travel and expense management!